Friday, November 27, 2009

Kashmiri Chai - Golden Moon

As many of you know I do NOT put anything in my tea...ever...including my chai (unless it's added by someone else ie a cafe/restaurant while purchasing). This is the first time I am trying this Chai and I must say I LOVE IT. It's lite and creamy with a little bit of spice. I have had Chai that are very spicy and over the top and know why people put cream or milk or soy equiv. in it but this doesn't need anything! It's a nice calming/relaxing blend that is very Creamy as is.

Product Description from Golden Moon

Kashmiri Chai is an exotic, spiced loose leaf tea from the Himalayas of Northern India. Aromatic and warming, natives of India often comment that the authentic and delicious recipe reminds them of home. Serve with cream and honey for a rich treat.


Anonymous said...

I think I share your sentiments in that I'd like to find chai teas that aren't overwhelming with the spices. I could have the coffee shop put in a little soymilk but I'd rather just enjoy the tea balanced on its own.

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