Thursday, December 3, 2009

Absolutely Bold Morning Brew RATED #5

Good Morning! I just HAD to share with you that one of my Signature Tea Blends over at Adagio is currently Ranked #5 on the site! Several Tins have been purchased so far this month! I'm so excited! Check it out when you have time! Also...if you would like a $5 Gift Certificate please let me know I can email you one and you can put it towards your 1st time Adagio Order!!!!

Absolutely Bold Morning Brew RATED #5:

A few others for this time of year include:
Mango Coconut Rum - Have Some!

Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider

Orange Chocolate - Dark

Being Discontinued SOON are:

Fang's Favorite
Halloween Bonfire Blend

And for all of your GREASE FANS out there...
Pink Ladies Jacket

I have a total of 24 Signature Blends and will be making more soon! Thanks for looking!


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