Friday, June 4, 2010

Blood Orange Tea from Boston Tea Co

Recently I have been tasting several interesting teas from Boston Tea Co. This review is on their Blood Orange Tea...

WOW! These ingredients are SUPER SIZED!!!!! Everything is magnified!

After steep is complete…I can smell the Hibiscus first, then apple, then blood orange.

The color is a pinkish-red.

I can taste hibiscus…but then it changes to Blood Orange. VERY MUCH Blood Orange. Now…I am a blood orange FAN to EAT them…but in tea I wasn’t so sure. I like it paired with black tea but straight up!? Not so much. Whereas this isn’t bad I don’t know if I would buy it based on my herbal/hibiscus general dislike. BUT – it DOES taste like Blood Orange so I can’t say it’s anything that it isn’t. I’m trying to keep that in mind while reviewing.

I'm going to try this ICED very soon. I think I will like it better iced. I have TONS of other teas on tap so please check back!

Have a great weekend!


Marlena said...

Jenn, do you know what has happened at Tea Reviews Blog? I haven't been able to access anything since May 16 and they don't respond to my queries. I know you also write for them, so I hope you can answer this, either here or on my blog - Thanks, Marlena

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