Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another one from Jade Teapot...

I don't know why...but I actually ended up sampling this tea FIRST...and forgot it in my post yesterday. we go with the review on The Jade Teapot's Starry Night...again, I am cross promoting my reviews from my Steepster Log...
I received 6 samples today…this is my first attempt. I DID have 1 star in mine. I have enough for 2 cups so I am starting out with the star in the first cup! I don’t think it smells like vanilla as others have mentioned. Mine seems to be a more wet-wood smell with something Unidentifiable. BUT…it does TASTE like vanilla. I can also taste the black tea and a hint of the white, I suppose, but barely there, really. It’s dark brown in color and a very even taste. I like it just fine. I would probably put this in my stash for stand-bye’s – if I had more than 1 cup left. Yup! This is pretty good.


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