Monday, November 23, 2009

Orange Chocolate - Dark

Orange Chocolate - Dark

This is one of my signature blends at Adagio. I created it because I LOVE Orange Chocolate. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY, and until I moved - I didn't realize most people have never heard of or tried Orange Chocolate before. Anyhow...Since this blend is made up of 3 black flavored teas I knew it wouldn't be a true Orange Chocolate so I added "dark" to the name. It's smells a lot like Orange Chocolate but I was correct in my tastes more like a DARK Chocolate with a small hints of Orange. The cream is barely there - if at all - but that is by design. The after-steep scent you lose a little of the orange scent, too. I have noticed it's a very bold blend and I am certainly going to enjoy it more in the morning! Or when I need a pick-me-up! And I am glad that I ended up putting "Dark" because the more and more I sip it as I review it - it certainly reminiscent of DARK Chocolate...with a hint of orange. I'm liking it.


Anonymous said...

I've definitely tried orange chocolate and I very much enjoyed it. That's the kind of food that's hard to practice self-control with. It's that good-tasting.

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