Friday, November 20, 2009

Coconut Pouchong From Golden Moon

The first Coconut Pouchong I tried was from SerendipiTea and LOVED it. When I received this (FREE) sample from Golden Moon in the mail today I was excited to try it. I am just finishing the steeping process as I type this. Dry leaves smelled nearly identical to those of the other brand I tried...almost pastry or cookie like. Very nice. However, as this steeps it loses a lot of that scent. It changes to a green tea with a hint of coconut scent. First sip was a great enjoyment. 2nd sip...just as pleasant. The scent and taste together remind me of just-rubbed-on Coconut Suntan Lotion smell. It's very light in to no color, really. The taste is very even and smooth and brothy. It's not overly coconut and not overly green tea to taste...everything just seems right together!


Melanie said...

I don't typically care for coconut teas, but I do like coconut pouchong!

Anonymous said...

If I'm correct this tea won a prestigious award a couple years ago. That's why I tried it. I liked it an awful lot but I got notes of corn, of all things, when I tasted it.

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