Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wild Blueberry

A Harmonious blend, sweet with the lushness of blueberries and counterbalanced with rich, malty notes of fine black tea. The USDA has found that blueberries help promote anti-aging and disease prevention.

This is from the Republic of Tea Website - their description of this tea.
Below...you can see my notes...

Oh how I've missed this tea. It smells wonderful! Strong Blueberry Scent but when it comes to taste it's a strong black tea with blueberry highlights. NICE. I like it a lot! But I do think that the best part of this tea is the scent. AWESOME!


parTea lady said...

Sounds like a tea that I'd like to try. I love blueberries! They are brain food you know (I need all the help I can get). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the blueberries are mixed with Assam tea. That would explain why the flavor of the black is malty. And if they don't overpower the tea, then that's another plus.

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