Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Decaf Paradise Plus Blend on Adagio's Site!

I have started tinkering with Tea Blends on the Adagio Teas Site! It's fun! I figured with all of the teas already blended and already there I didn't expect that someone would purchase mine - especially so fast! I received a notice today that someone bought one of my teas already!!! I was shocked and excited! Less than a day of creating - I already sold one! YAY! Here is the blend that someone already purchased! It's what I like to call Decaf Paradise Plus. Think Tropics and then some! It blends Adagio's Popular Tropics - Decaf with Decaf Mango and Decaf Strawberry! You can find more info about this blend and/or order it for yourself by clicking here.


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