Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dilmah English Afternoon Tea

I am unable to log into Steepster at the moment so I thought I would post this here to refer back to once I can post there again. I received this tea from a friend of mine in Norway...ANN...Thanks for the great envelop full of tea! I loved it! This is my first taste of Dilmah Tea and I must say I am enjoying it! The smell prior to steeping took me back to my first 5 years of life when my Grandma T first got me into TEA. Oddly enough...her husband (my grandfather)'s family was originally from Norway so this was so fitting that I received this from ANN over in Norge. Dilmah is a Sri Lanka company but have offices in several countries including USA and Norway. The coloring is very dark but the taste was a little bit on the lite side which was surprising based on the color and scent but still very pleasant and I enjoyed the cup VERY MUCH!

I am thinking about starting a TEA Scrapbook. Gives me more reason to scrapbook and craft as well as a way to keep the cards, tea bag envelopes, and other neat stuff I get from all over the world with this tea swap!

Below is some info I copy/pasted from another website regarding this tea...

Traditional unblended Ceylon tea. Medium strength, delightful bouquet.

Delicate, fragrant tea from gardens on the eastern slopes of the central highlands, renowned for their exquisite flavour. The tradition of Afternoon Tea is attributed to Anna, Duchess of Bedford who had tea and cakes served at 5 O clock because she experienced a sinking feeling. Medium strength, delightful flavor.

Single Origin 100% Pure Ceylon
Dilmah is entirely grown, handpicked and packaged in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), producer of the world's finest tea. Single origin explains why Dilmah s fresher, richer and full of flavor. Discerning tea drinkers will recognize the distinct difference in the very first sip.

Packaged at the Source, Garden Fresh and All Natural
Packaged in Sri Lanka within days of picking fresh leaf in the tea fields, maximizes freshness, the key to antioxidants in tea.

Traditionally Manufactured
Ordinary teas have abandoned the centuries old "orthodox" method or manufacturing for the fast track CTC (cut twist curl) method to meet demand for a quicker brew from tea bags. This sacrifices the character and real taste of tea. Dilmah stands firmly by traditional tea making methods, which explains why Dilmah tea tastes different.


parTea lady said...

This sounds like a nice tea. I love the idea of a TEA scrapbook. I keep a scrapbook of my tea room visits, but I never thought to include tea bag wrappers, menus, etc.

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