Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tea Forte Samples

I received a Tea Forte Gift Sampler from my Parents. There were 6 different samples in the pack. I love the presentation of the Infusion Bags. Here are a few comments about the ones I have tried so far from my Tealog...

Raspberry Nectar -
Before steeping smells like a light Apple-Raspberry-Honey Blend. While Steeping it morphs into a typical raspberry herbal tea scent with a few undertones that are barely noticeable. Color is a Purplish-Pinkish Color. The longer you steep the more Orange Peel Scent you can smell and it pairs nicely with the Apple and Berries. I was a little afraid of this as the coloring and scent progressed as I am not usually into fruity herbals. It's probably one of the better fruity herbals I have tried so far. I don't think I would buy it in large quantities but I am glad I sampled it. I bet it would be better iced. A notch above average.

Belgian Mint -
Received in a sample gift set from my mother. Prior to steeping it smelled like mint, chocolate, and a woodsy type scent. After steeping it was more like a smoked cocoa mint but less woodsy than before the steep. The coloring is a light brown. The taste is slightly bitter but not bad. I think it's from the coco attempt which isn't well known while tasting but the mint is nice - again not over powering but moreso than the coco. There's a malty taste in there as well...can't quite put my finger on in...all-in-all it's a fair attempt at something different...I think I will give it a thumbs up.

Ambrosia White -
Prior to steeping this smells like flowers and coconut. The coloring is that of a darker white tea or maybe even looking more like a steeped Oolong (color wise). During and after steep you can smell the white tea scent more with a hint of coconut and earthy or floral smell. The taste is unique. It's sweet but flavorful eventho it's hard to pick out the different flavors as they blend perfectly with each other. The Coconut is NOT overpowering at all...what a delightful blend. I really like this. I wonder how it does on the resteep? Might have to try that later.

2nd Steep...
Sweet and Floral. Very Nice

Coco Truffle -
Prior to steep it smells like a chocolate/Hazelnut Coffee. The coloring is a medium brown and semi cloudy. After steeping it smells more like a plain nutty coffee/Tea blend. The packaging and Infusion presentation is neat. This sample isn't what I would normal pick out for myself but I am glad that I am trying it. It's pretty good without being overwhelming. I don't think I would buy it individually but am enjoying the sample. Therefore I will give it a thumbs up.

I still have Vienna Cinnamon and Orchid Vanilla to try...


parTea lady said...

The shape and leaf detail on the Tea Forte tea bags is great. Nice job describing the fragrance and flavor of the teas. I would like to try that brand, especially if they make a traditional black tea.

Steph said...

They do have some of the prettiest infuser bags around!

Anonymous said...

The Ambrosia White sounds like a pretty good tea. I would probably also like the chocolate/cocoa teas at least to taste on occasion. I guess what I'm wondering is whether they're herbal tisanes or are mixes that contain real tea. --Jason

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