Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chai Party & Dr. Jane Goodall

An interesting tidbit I received via email today...thought I would share...

A Chai Party with Dr. Jane Goodall

On a beautiful May evening, world-renowned Dr. Jane Goodall joined Rishi Tea and friends at the Nature Museum in Chicago to celebrate the launch of our new Masala Chai Concentrate and partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute.

We were honored to hear Dr. Goodall speak, about her incredible story, passion for animals and the environment and the importance of partnering with companies like Rishi Tea. Dr. Goodall remarked, “The more I learn about Rishi Tea, the more impressed I am and the more I realize how joining forces can spread the good that both of our organizations are involved in.”

Every purchase of our Masala Chai helps the Jane Goodall Institute, including Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, its global, environmental and humanitarian youth program.

Our new Masala Chai is made with all certified organic ingredients and a Fair Trade single-origin black tea harvested in the ancient tree forests of Mannong Manmai, in Yunnan, China – the birthplace of tea.

TransFair USA wrote a great article about our Chai and the Fair Trade work we do in Mannong Manmai - http://transfairusa.org/blog/?p=2667

Learn more about our Chai and Jane Goodall partnership: http://www.rishi-tea.com/chaiwithroots/

Listen to WUWM’s Public Radio coverage of our Chai party with Dr. Goodall.

The Kathleen Show interviews Joshua

The funny, smart and down-to-earth Kathleen interviews Joshua, Rishi Tea founder and tea buyer about starting Rishi Tea, his travels and the ins and outs of tea. Listen to the wonderful interview here!

Joshua’s Spring Harvest Travels

Every spring, Joshua travels to our many tea producing origins, works with farmers and friends and checks on the spring harvest. This year, he takes us along for the ride with personal videos, interviews with farmers, and beautiful photos from origin.

You can also keep up-to-date with Joshua’s travels through his monthly column on Food Thinkers -


Stop by for tea at these upcoming National Events

May 22-25: National Restaurant Show in Chicago – Booth #1077

June 11-13: World Tea Expo in Las Vegas – Booth #401

June 27-29: Fancy Food Show in New York – Booth #5111

More Rishi Tea events listed here.

New Spring Teas

Kagoshima Shincha Sae Midori

Nishi-san's Shincha Yabukita

Nishi First Flush Sencha

Lu Zhen Green Needles (roasted)

Lu Zhen Green Needles (steamed)


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