Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maple Sugar Black Tea From Tea Guys

I have been wanting to try teas from TEA GUYS and that day has FINALLY come!!!! Thanks to a friend. The following is what I just added to my Steepster Log.

If you take the color of a lighter brewed coffee this coloring is comparable. I can smell the Maple before, during, and after infusing. It tastes like maple but not as sugary as I was assuming based on the name...but that's ok because I like it. You can still taste the Maple but you can also taste the black tea. Both the Black Tea AND the Maple are both bold and flavorful! I want to thank LiberTEAs for the opportunity to try this one too!

But I wanted to blog about some new stuff on my personal tea blog as well! I really like the TEA GUYS Website. It's clean and nice looking and seems very customer friendly. They have TONS of other teas I am interested in. For Black Flavors some that intrigue me are Key Lime Pie, Coconut Truffle, Chocolate Delight, Afternoon Apricot, Evening Escape...and that's just Black/Flavored Black! I LOVE it when tea companies think outside the box!

Their whites, greens, and other flavors look just as interesting! It looks like they sell retail and wholesale as well as custom packaging - which is very attractive from what I have seen so far.

I really hope to try more of their teas soon...and HOPEFULLY review them, too!


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