Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adagio Earth Day UPDATE

I DID THIS over at Adagio THIS YEAR for EARTH DAY and just got an update!!!! I planted mine in India.

Register a Tea tree for Earth Day with Adagio Teas

Check it: You register with your name and email, and you get ownership of the tree. Once it reaches maturity (three years) you will receive tea from your very own tree. No purchase necessary so if you don’t do it you’re really just missing out.

Here's My UPDATE!!!

Your tea tree has sprouted

Congratulations! Your tea-tree has been selected & is being raised in an indoor nursery until it is ready to begin its outdoor journey. In the next few weeks we will update you as to its status & provide instructions on how you can help to take care of it along the way.

In the mean-time, please enjoy the glimpse of what your Earth Day contribution has done thus far!


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