Monday, January 25, 2010

An Update From Sweet Leaf

A few posts ago I mentioned Haiti Relief Efforts from Sweet Leaf...since then I have been in contact with one of the girls at the company and she's updated me on their efforts and progress in their fundraiser - see below...

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the fundraiser. We're still collecting funds from some of the other businesses that participating, but in total, we'll have raised more than $6000 that can go to immediate use thanks to everyone's efforts. It was amazing to see everything come together so quickly - thank you all so much!!

The money basically fills three large vans or small planes full of food, water, and medical supplies, along with other miscellaneous needs. Here's one example of a van-load of supplies that Makarios put together:

20 tarps
300 diapers
120 bags of oatmeal
15 cases of water
240 pounds of salamis
228 pounds of powdered milk
20 containers of cooking oil
30 cans of beans
75 pounds of rice
15 boxes baby cereal
Antibiotics and painkillers for 80 people
an assortment of other medical supplies

You can also follow Makarios' updates on their homepage at:


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