Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream By The Fire

I received a free sample bag of this in the mail today when RoT sent me their current catalog. LOVE the label for the tea but right off the bat there are 2 strikes or potential strike...Cinnamon AND Vanilla. Now...I am NOT saying I HATE them...but I don't usually go for them. I love Cinnamon just usually not in tea and I can take or leave vanilla in any setting or for any reason. BUT...I'm up for the challenge. It scent is unique - not what I expected. Pleasant yet surprising. It brews quickly into a reddish brown. More Cinnamon than Vanilla after the steep to the nose. I seriously think the Rooibos helped this blend quite a bit. The more I sip - the more I enjoy. Mind you, I also oversteeped. You can taste the cinnamon a bit more than the Vanilla but they blend well with the Rooibos into something satisfying and not overpowering.


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